January 2018 – Hillsboro, OR

Recycled Glass on Glass Mosaic Workshop – Beginning to Intermediate Level Mosaic Class
Theme:  Microwave Plates Mosaics
Date: January 13, 14 2018
Hours of class:
Saturday — 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday — 10 am – 5 pm
Cost: $175— which includes glass and materials
Project: Recycled Microwave Plate
What skills do you need to attend this workshop? This is a beginning to intermediate level class, where everyone is welcome, including children over 12 years of age. The class size will be limited to 12 students. We will cover basic cutting skills, the process of Glass on Glass mosaics, and give a grout lesson.
What do you need to bring? All tools and supplies will be provided for the class. It is recommended that you bring some unique pieces to add to your mosaic, making it one-or-a-kind. We ask you bring creative mind and a good attitude! Come with an idea NOT a pattern. I do not teach from patterns, we only use them as a guideline. With that in mind, we are not restricted to a pattern, it is okay to go outside the lines and let the glass create its own details. Think SIMPLE! For example; look around your house, do you have a color scheme or a theme you decorate in? We will have some examples and ideas for you.  It is a fast pace class, we will have to commit to a design early Saturday and have most of the piece finished by that evening. I will send out a reminder about design ideas a few weeks before the class, giving you some time to think about it and ask questions. Food is not provided, so we do a potluck style on Saturday and Sunday, Because of the location,  potluck works very well because then we can graze on food all day as we work.
There will be buckets of different colors of glass and each student can select there own theme and color scheme. The goal of this class is to become comfortable with the glass on glass process.  All tools and supplies will be provided and you are encouraged to bring other materials that personalize your mosaic. Some ideas may include old jewelry or a cup or plate that has a chip that brings you some good memories. This course is not designed to learn specific cutting styles I have developed. It is an beginning class, with a affordable price to introduce mosaics to people interested in getting there feet wet into the craft. If you are interested in taking a more advanced course, or learning a specific style I teach other courses that might be more beneficial to your level of expertise.
Intermediate to Advanced / Theme based classes, workshops, and retreats
Wave by Student: El Lacey

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Location: 12814 NW Bishop Rd, Hillsboro, OR 97124
Contact Denny Miller Nkemontoh at info@dennys-workshop.com or 503-866-0180 to register or visit www.dennys-workshop.com


This is a beginning stained glass mosaic class for all ages and abilities. We will have a variety of pre-cut glass available. for you to create a stained glass mosaic sun catcher. All supplies and materials are included in the class. Students will also have the opportunity to use and learn about the three main hand tools used in glass on glass (GOG) mosaics. By the end of the class students should feel comfortable using the hand tools and breaking the glass. There will be a grout demonstration on Sunday. Students are welcome to grout if they have completed the project and glue has dried by noon on Sunday. If projects are not dry by 2 pm then a grout package will be available to take home for optional grouting.

Kory notes that she does not strive for perfection; “the art of art is the imperfections.” She says, “It is my goal that I will simplify the process enough to give you ‘artistic freedom without self doubt’. I strive to build confidence in these classes. I do not teach from a pattern, I teach to use your sketch as only a guideline; you are not restricted to the pattern. I will assist you in creating a balanced one-of-a-kind composition, using my uniquely designed simplified steps. We will focus on several unique cuts and I will provide you with tips and tricks that I use daily.”


50% deposits will be required to reserve your spot.
Note: If for any reason the class is canceled due to max number of students (8) not reached, or unforeseen reason 100% of the deposits/all payments will be refunded.
If for any reason you need to cancel your reservation, you must do so 45 days prior to the event to get 100% refund, if you cancel after the 45 day deadline we must fill the spot for you to get 100% of your deposit back, if you cancel 15 days prior for any reason you will forfeit $100 of your deposit.

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