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Private Lessons - Marvelous Mosaic

Kory Dollar is an experienced stained glass mosaic artist with over 20 years experience. “The art of art is the imperfections.” It is her goal to teach how to create a unique one-of-a-kind quality piece of fine art, while encouraging “artistic freedom without self-doubt.” She uses illumination, reflectivity, and texture, to deliver a stunning innovative twist to mosaic art. Kory specializes in Glass on Glass mosaic art, a unique art which mixes two traditional forms of art stained glass and mosaics. She will WOW you with techniques, tips and tricks to effectively create mosaic art, while maximizing your glass. Kory has experience working with all skill levels from children to disabled adults. Contact Kory to design any class, workshop, retreat, private lesson, or group party.

lessons.jpgMarvelous Mosaic offers an array of Mosaic WorkshopsRetreats, Classes, Private Lessons, and Party Packages.



One thought on “Mosaic Classes

  1. Hi Kory are your April and May deals for 2017 too. It looks like it was put up in 2016. Do the same offerings still apply as of now end of April 2017. A friend and I would love to do a 2 or 3 person project with you. We are both new to the field.

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